Anyone for Tennis?

Published: 23 June 2019

Horsham District Council, in partnership with the LTA, is working with clubs and coaches across the District to reach out to local families who are keen to jump on court and give the sport a go.

Horsham Tennis 


Try tennis for free in Horsham at a Nature Valley Big Tennis Weekend event.

Free open days will be taking place throughout the year with sessions to suit the whole family. There are Mini Tennis sessions, family time, free play, Cardio Tennis and numerous other kinds of activities to get involved in.

Rackets and balls will be provided, so whether you’ve never picked up a racket before or you’re a seasoned regular – there’s opportunity for everyone to get involved.


Tennis for Kids is a fun starter course for kids aged between 4 and 11 who have never played tennis or have played very little before. Packed full of games and drills to get kids active, it also gives parents the chance to join in too.

Tennis for Kids includes six tennis sessions led by an LTA accredited tennis coach, a racket and ball set, and a personalised t-shirt - all delivered for just £25 (+ £4.99 P&P). Courses are available now – simply find one near you and sign up today!

 Tennis for Kids and Nature Valley Big Tennis Weekends can all be booked online, but if you have any questions simply email



 1. Physical Health

“There’s lots of running around and tennis uses the entire body, making it a great way to tire out energetic kids,” says leading LTA coach Sam Richardson.

 2. Tennis improves the mind

Tennis helps players with problem solving and discipline, teaching them how to work best in a team, listen to directions and play fairly. “I’ve also noted that kids are more confident after playing tennis, and that shy kids often come out of their shell after a few lessons,” says Richardson.

 3. Anyone can learn

Children can start learning to play tennis without ever having tried it before. Tennis for Kids courses are designed for children who’ve never played and each session is fun, with some activities open to parents, too