Applicant Location of Site Details Proposal

Published: 12 August 2016

  • Chris Loder Cyder farm, Brighton Road (Loder Plants) {Caterways {Market Garden}
  • Cisswood Hotel Cisswood Hotel Revised plans for Housing awaited 
  • Nick & Carl Illes Sandygate Lane (East of Cisswood Hotel) Discussion document received 
  • Michael Lewis Sandygate, Sandygate Lane Land rear of Sandygate
  • RPR ( Architects) Cedar Cottage and land behind Cedar Cottage and land behind adjoining Trinity Fields
  • Steve Mills Land South of Church Farm Cottage (to include suggested possible extension to church car park)
  • Ken Eggleton Brighton Road Land adjoining/behind the Old School. Two proposals.
  • Julian Slade {Land south of Built uparea of village (Church Close) Land south of Church Close -Possible 90 Houses and site for New School?
    {Church Lane Industrial Estate Church Lane Industrial Estate- offered for housing development
  • Messrs Croxford, Murphy, Nicol & Tyler 3 Plots of land, Sandygate Lane Plots including the current houses and gardens & two fields. The Hawthorn- (2.6 Acres); Little Paddocks -(1.4 Acres) & White Gables (1 acre) 
  • Gevin White Leechpond Cottage Land adjacent to Leechpond Cottage
  • Vikky and Tom Storey Land opposite Newells Farm House Proposed conversion of existing building to single Strorey, eco timber framed, building with separate garage.
  • Jennifer Ditchburn & Glenn Day, Land Behind Gardeners Cottage Rear of Gardeners Cottage, adjoining Trinity Fields
  • Mrs Pitchard Glayde Farm Corner of Handcross Road/Church Lane Land also to the rear of The Vicarage/Churchyard extension/ Hillview House/ Village Pantry/Brandywell/Homelea and Bede Cottage.