New List of Sites

Published: 20 March 2017

1 Chris Loder Cyder farm, Brighton Road (Loder Plants) {Caterways 
{Market Garden

2 Cisswood Hotel Cisswood Hotel Revised plans for Housing on land to the rear of the Cisswood Hotel awaited

3 Devine Homes Sandygate lane Land west of Church Farm Development of new housing

4 Nick & Carl Illes Sandygate Lane (North/East of Cisswood Hotel) Development of new housing

5 Michael Lewis Sandygate Sandygate Lane Develoment of Land to the west of Sandygate fronting Sandygate Lane (B2115)

6 Debbie Lill Glebe Lodge, Brighton Road. Retention of existing Lodge - new additional dwelling at rear (approx.1/2 acre to rear)

7 RPR (Architects) Cedar Cottage and land behind Development of new housing to include demolition of Cedar Cottage and replacement by new dwellings and on land behind adjoining Trinity Fields.

8 Steve Mills Land South of Church Farm Cottage New Dwellings (to include suggested possible extension to church car park?)

9 Ken Eggleton Brighton Road 3 acre field Land west of/opposite the Old School Brighton Road.

10 Michael Lloyd Brighton Road Land adjoining/behind the Old School, Brighton Road.

11 Julian Slade {Land south of built up area of village (Church Close) Land south of Church Close -Possible 90 Houses and site for New School?
{Church Lane Industrial Estate Church Lane Industrial Estate- offered for housing development

12 Messrs Croxford, Murphy, Nicol & Tyler 3 Plots of land, Sandygate Lane Plots including the current houses /gardens & two fields. The Hawthorn- (2.6 Acres); Little Paddocks -(1.4 Acres) & White Gables (1 acre)

13 Gevin White Leechpond Cottage Land adjacent to Leechpond Cottage

14 Vikky and Tom Storey Land opposite Newells Farm House, Newells Lane. Proposed conversion of existing building to single Strorey, eco timber framed, building with separate garage.

15 Jennifer Ditchburn & Glenn Day, Gardeners Cottage Whole of existing plot, adjoining Trinity Fields

16 Mrs Pitchford Glayde Farm, Handcross Road/Church Lane Land also to the rear of The Vicarage/Churchyard extension/ Hillview House/ Village Pantry/Brandywell/Homelea and Bede Cottage.

17 * Gordon Tregear (South Lodge Estates) Prongers Orchard South of Village Hall -6 Afordable units

18* Gordon Tregear (South Lodge Estates) South of Crabtree Public House - Adj to Crabtree Public House and noth of Preppersgate

19* Mr & Mrs Moore East/adj of Cisswood Racing 4 Units Sandygate Lane

* Sites received post Exhibition