Minutes of the Meeting

Published: 22 March 2017


1. The LBPC Neighbourhood Plan Leader (Councillor Geoff Peckham) stressed the importance to the Neighbourhood Plan of providing written/recorded evidence for each and every activity undertaken since this would need to be scrutinised and approved by the Government Inspector on deciding on deciding on acceptance of LB’s Plan.

2. The Site Scoring Group (SSG), reporting to the NPWP Sub-Committee, had to date met 4 times. The SSG had used feedback provided by residents at Open Meetings. It was felt that, in some ways, the feedback received has been over inclusive and it now needs to be tested and retested. The Haddenfield example, provided at the recent Horsham District Council Conference (attended by Councillor Geoff Peckham and the Parish Clerk Michael Tuckwell) was a good demonstration of how this activity should be approached.

At present, 17 sites in Lower Beeding had provisionally been scored and ranked. However, before that process was finalised, it was agreed that the NPWP should look to test all the sites against their sustainability appraisal elements rather than specific scoring and ranking. The examiners will want to see detailed descriptions of the sites before ranking assessments etc. The NPWP leader (Mrs. Leslie Bamford) stated that the group will be looking at 3-5 sites in March to test the criteria before looking at the remainder of the 17 sites.

3. Councillor Peckham advised the Meeting that, in his considered opinion, completion of LB’s Neighbourhood Plan could now take a further 2-3 years although this might be shortened since NPs can be written to cater for staggering of developments and phasing etc. Where further detail is required from sites, LB’s Consultants, Dowsett Mayhew (Laura) can direct the NPWP, SSG to appropriate websites and pointed out that, wherever possible, the SSG should try to obtain information from the public domain 
rather than reverting to applicants. Laura agreed to provide the official definition of ‘affordable housing’.

4. Where instances of Conflict of Interest arise, the NPWG will treat these in a similar manner to Lower Beeding Parish Council.

5. Dowsett Mayhew (Laura) advised that, according to their Housing Needs Analysis Document, they have estimated the requiremet for Lower Beeding to be between 22-77 properties.