Rural Policing in Sussex

Published: 09 June 2019

Here is the latest information from Sussex Police on rural policing in our Parish.

Police Contacts 

The Horsham District Rural Initiative continues with the full support of Inspector Sarah Leadbeatter and, together with Sgt Tom Carter (Rural Crime Lead for Sussex Police), we recently attended a rural round table discussion chaired by PCC Katy Bourne.  Discussions related rural policing of Sussex but were clearly relevant to Horsham District so we listened with interest, gave input where we could, and have since talked further to address some of the points raised. 

 As that illustrates, we are continuing to enquire at many levels about ways to support our non-town based communities.  If you have any ideas of how, within the Prevention Model parameters that we discussed, our team can further build communication with your community then please do drop me an email.     

 My own next focus for the Rural Initiative was established through our meetings – because the majority of you spoke about vehicles speeding in your community and the worry it causes.  In the coming weeks I will complete my training in use of a speed camera and other matters that relate directly to operating a Community Speed Watch group.  Once I have those skills then I will email further details – but as an outline the plan is to support in practical ways those communities who have Speed Watch groups operating and those who are in the process of setting one up. 

 Any location with a 20/30/40mph can consider setting a group up, all details are on the Speed Watch website .  As a post script, if you looked into Speed Watch a couple of years ago and ruled it out, then please take another look – various things have changed which make the process and the set-up easier, and Sussex Police have a very hard working specialist to help with any queries and training needed in addition to the assistance that I will give. 

 Speeding was the focus of the most recent HALC too - with Sgt Phil Badman of Roads Policing Unit giving his presentation to the room and PCSO Adrian Bell and myself in attendance, there was good police representation at that meeting!  I continue to book time to attend each HALC for the pre-meeting if anyone wants to talk to me about something, and am happy to remain for the beginning if there is a purpose for me at the meeting.  The idea is that, four times a year, I am available in person to every Horsham Local Council that attends – so please do feel welcome to say hello and chat about questions you may have.

 Those of you who follow us on Twitter will have seen that our teams are giving information on our work whenever possible – tonight I have tweeted about recovering a stolen vehicle, and to let people know that the A29 was shut due to a road collision, then again when it reopened.  Tweets can be viewed without having an account, but if you do have an account you can get alerts and can comment on posts.  Please join in, the more the merrier!  Search Horsham Police Twitter online or @horsham_police within Twitter, we finish our own messages with our ‘collar number’…although I did forget that bit on one of mine tonight, sorry! 

 Final bit of news is that, after giving the Police Property Act Fund information in my last email, three Horsham Rural communities have been successful in gaining PPAF funds: Broadbridge Heath Cricket Club, Nuthurst Cricket Club and the playpark in West Chiltington have all benefitted, which is great news. There is a current application in for consideration on behalf of Barns Green, and I have meetings due in Rudgwick and Wiston to discuss requests there.  The fund always exists, and monies are allocated according to various criteria – full information is on our website.

 Let me know if you have any queries on the above, although there may be a delay in my reply as I have a short break over Easter – I hope you enjoy the Spring sunshine as much as I intend to!

 With kindest regards,

PCSO Erica Baxter 27123, Prevention Team, Adur Worthing and Horsham

Police Station, Hurst Road, Horsham RH12 2DJ

Tel: 101 (extn 530214)