Cisswood House Hotel (CHH)

Published: 26 March 2023

Please note there are currently only refugee families housed at the Hotel.

 The Rev Sue Wharton (Vicar) received a call from a church contact concerning the CHH.

Sue visited the CHH yesterday afternoon and spoke to the manager. There are now several families being housed there of different nationalities.

Apparently, they were moved at very short notice from accommodation in Tower Hamlets, London, with the children being up rooted from their schools, where they had settled.

One family who are from Salvador were in two room but are now in one room at the CHH. The families are being provided with food, but it seems not a lot else.

 I have also been in contact with Rhiannon Young at WSCC this afternoon and she said a lot of the information from the Home office is a bit sketchy

and will contact both Tracy Bishop (Head Teacher at the Primary School) and Sue about the protocol and contacts for registering new children.

 Currently here are children housed at the hotel:

2 x  6 year olds, 1 x 7 yo, 1 x 8 yo, 3 x 10 yo, 1 x 11 yo.

 If I have any more definite information I will let you know.

 best regards

Peter Knox

Clerk to Lower Beeding Parish Council